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Albereda Building

Location: Paseo de la Alameda, 35 bis. Valencia.
Purchase date: 20012.
Building description: placed in the business district of the city and with an excellent view to the Turia gardens and the Palace of Music, it is a free-standing building built in 1.992, having a modern style, lightweight of opalescent golden-bronze glass façade. It was designed, fitted out and equipped with all the needed services to be used as an office place. The common areas and facilities were totally refurbished and remodeled in 2013.
Area: more than 6.000 m2 divided into 7 modular office floors, restaurant, 2 parking basements with 30 parking spaces and 11 warehouses.

If you want more information about the building or available spaces, please contact us through the following application form or by calling the number 96 353 13 39.