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Que hacemos | Business investment criteria and the management philosophy

Zriser Group is focused on growth capital operations, in which the funds provided by Zriser are used to finance the invested company’s development plan. Although it is not our core activity, we also consider restructuring deals. In these cases we study to invest in companies which are in a financial difficulty (both because a short term liquidity problem or an excessive financial leverage) but always being solid business with growth potential.

Zriser group is opened to joint investment transactions with other professional investors that share similar investment philosophy and objectives. In those operations we seek for an active management role which is what defines our investment style. We do not impose a time limit for the duration of our investments in our companies, but we require a clear and feasible plan to recover the investment with profitability in a reasonable period of time, either by the sale of our shares of the company or by dividend payment.

    • Shareholding interest objective

Zriser Group prefers to take a control interest in the invested companies, but we can accept minority stakes (minimum 30%) in special transactions under certain requirements.

    • Features of the targeted companies

Zriser Group targets well established companies with high potential growth, clear and sustainable competitive advantage, and ambitious and feasible business plan with limited regulatory risk. We do not give priority to any sector, although we have broad experience either in industrial or service companies.

    • Management Team:

It is very important for us that the personal interests of the company’s management, who manage and carry out the strategy of the company, be aligned with ours by motivating them economical and professionally.