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1917 Rafael Ridaura and José Serratosa established Valenciana de Cementos Portland.
1955 ‘Co-foundation’ of Colebega (Coca-Cola bottler in Spain): 20,6% share capital.
1992 Sale of Valenciana de Cementos Portland to Cemex.

1993 Emilio Serratosa, together with his sons and daughters, established Nefinsa.
1994 Air Nostrum start-up.
1995 Nefitel (phone company) start-up.
1996 Complejo Medioambiental de Andalucía start-up.
1998 Acquisition of 21,3% share capital in Gamesa.
2002 Takeover bid on Uralita Group: 45,7% share capital.

2007 Ana and Pablo Serratosa Luján establish Zriser Group.
2008 Majority shareholding in Siliken.
2009 Majority shareholding in Auditmedia.
2009 Acquisition of photovoltaic assets.
2010 Acquisition of Senda de Senent Building.
2010 Minority shareholding in Baviera Group.
2011 Minority shareholding in Agroterra.
2011 Acquisition of Plaza del Ayuntamiento Building, 29.
2011 Acquisition of trade premises.
2012 Acquisition of Albereda Building.
2013 Acquisition of a building lot at Av. de Francia in Valencia. 
2014 Majority shareholding in Punt.
2014 Majority shareholding in Inrema.
2014 Majority shareholding in Tyris.
2014 Minority shareholding in Groopify.
2015 Acquisition of 80% share capital in THU.
2015 Majority shareholding in mcbath.
2015 Minority shareholding in Tallerator.
2015 Acquisition of Alfahuir Building.
2015 Acquisition of Plaza del Ayuntamiento Building, 27.
2016 Sale of Plaza del Ayuntamiento Building, 29.
2016 Minority shareholding in Mr. Jeff.
2016 Minority shareholding in TIMP.
2016 Minority shareholding in Singularu.
2016 Minority shareholding in Playfilm.
2017 Sale of the majority shareholding in mcbath.
2017 Sale of the minority shareholding in Baviera Group.
2017 Majority shareholding in Industrias Tayg.
2017 Minority shareholding in WiTrac.
2017 Acquisition of Pintor Sorolla Building, 21.
2018 Sale of Senda de Senent Building.
2018 Majority shareholding in NAO Asset Management.
2019 Majority shareholding in Alcion Plásticos.
2019 Acquisition of “Mediterráneo” Building.
2019 Minority shareholding in Consentio.
2019 Minority shareholding in SolverML.
2020 Sale of Pintor Sorolla Building.
2022 Sale of the majority shareholding in THU.